One month in blogging: A Million Dollar Blog Project Report

11 Jan

So it’s been one month since I soft-launched my blog A simply good life. A lot has happened in one short month.

First, I have learned, that just like anything else, to be a great blogger takes a lot of time and effort. Taking the easy way out rarely results in success. I have put more time into research to find the best stats and multimedia to create original content. I hold myself to high standard, and believe my readers deserve the best. I hope I can deliver. Continue reading

Join me at A simply good life.

3 Jan

Well this is one very long overdue post. As I indicated before, I decided to step up my game and launch a new blog. I did that last month, but was a little hesitant to tell you all until I had settled into my new digs so to speak. Well I am happy to report that A simply good life. is off to a running start. With some big interviews, and guest blogs planned, plus a bunch of original content from me I hope you will join me on a journey towards sustainability and happiness. We traded community for consumerism long ago. It’s time for us to take back our homes and our lives. Let’s do this.

Update: Million Dollar Blog Project

27 Oct

So I have returned from my undisclosed location. I didn’t quite reach my goal, but I accomplished a lot while I was away.

First off, my book is hovering at around 30,000 words. This is a good thing considering I have a lot more to add and will need room to add it. This includes information on some of the upcoming talks, meetings and conferences I am going to. In addition I have a half dozen or so people I need to interview, and I will need words to introduce and write their story as part of my book.

The essential framework for my book is complete at this point. The idea is that lower standard of living does not necessarily mean lower quality of life. Our economy and lifestyles here in the United States are built on a never-ending consumerist model, where more is more. With a growing population, dwindling resources, less cash in our pockets, and traditional infrastructure crumbling around us it is time for us to explore alternatives. And these alternatives just might make us happier in the process. This is what my book will explore.

I have settled on physically publishing my book, since it is a handbook/reference of sorts. This means I will need to get a nonfiction literary agent. This can be a long, and difficult task. I must write a query letter, and send out a framework of my book with a few chapters and my bio. This process takes on average three to six months, so it is on the top of my priority list in the next week. If you know of a good agent – let me know!

Secondly after much trepidation I have purchased my new blog url Moving forward with my blog is an essential component to my book, as any non-fiction writer these days needs to establish themselves as an “expert” before publishers will give them a second look. I have created complimentary Facebook and Twitter presences to go along with my blog. And I have set up a MailChimp account, which provides a free professional newsletter service so when I have something more to offer my fans, I can get it out to them.

I have set a blog launch date for early December. This will allow me to interview some people ahead of the blog launch and attend Share New York – a conference about collaborative consumption. I also intend to release a short ebook to go along with the blog launch.

If you want to follow along with my blog launch please follow me on Facebook or Google+. I do not intend to post here at Two Cats often, as I direct my efforts elsewhere. This blog has served me well as a great learning tool. It is time for me to graduate to a professional level platform. I hope you will join me in my journey.

More Thoughts on #OccupyWallStreet

14 Oct

I am resurfacing because this needed to be said.

I have been seeing increasing disdain for #OccupyWallStreet from people from all walks of life, mainly circling around the idea that they are wasting their time and not working hard enough on their own lives – basically framing them as whiny.

This reminds me of  the notion that unemployed people are lazy – something politicians were talking about a year or so ago when they were debating long-term unemployment aid, and something I frankly find very offensive.

Continue reading

The Million Dollar Blog Project

10 Oct

Well, as I said, it’s been three months since I started blogging. I’ve made improvements, but I have a long way to go. Enter, The Million Dollar Blog Project. A community of bloggers, or would-be bloggers, who are working to create a successful blog and earn a few dollars from it. There’s a little competition and a lot of support. It’s just the kick in the pants I needed to take this little blog to the next level.

Post by post, Think Traffic is providing excellent guidance on how to set up a blog and get writing. (Always wanted to start a blog? Join me!)  I’m a little late in the game (about a month behind) but intend to emerge in two weeks with a brand new blog (or two). One of the requirements for participation is an accountability log – this is mine.

My first step is to do as much reading and research as I can about blogging best practices. I’ve taken a few webinars already and have learned a lot. My second step will be to purchase hosting and a url, and then design my blog. This is what I hope to have done in two weeks.

Also, because I’m insane, I will be going to an undisclosed location and banging out my nonfiction book. I have nearly 15,000 words completed already. I hope to emerge with a first draft somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 words. After that I will need content for my blog (s?) and a few excellent quotes for my book, so I will need to start interviewing people. Who exactly is TBD, but I have a few folks in mind already.

So, I will be going underground for two weeks. This blog is going to take a little hiatus during this time. I will only surface for a blog post if something significant happens on #OccupyWallStreet. Thanks and see you in two weeks!


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